Release notes v0.0.89

Another release fixing up some small issues, adding some small features and over all polishing up.


Starting with insight where we saw some performance improvements in the last release, this release only contains a 'best practice'. When you use 'type' either in the context or in some log message it would be consistent to have it always lower cased.

This 'best practice' is added to make the logs less shouting, and more relaxed 😃 This affected the event callstack logging and the server error logger in the lbu packages.


The store package got it's much necessary polish. We now floor the average time to job completion, before returning the value in milliseconds. This is the average time between the 'scheduledAt' and 'updatedAt'.

'addRecurringJobToQueue' now updates the interval and priority if a job already exists. This saves some custom queries. However, if you need to remove recurring jobs, you'd still need a custom query. The rescheduling had some changes as well. If the 'scheduledAt' + interval is still in the past, we add the interval to the current timestamp. This most likely won't have impact on bigger intervals, however on small intervals and a swamped worker, this may save the day.


The cli by default debounced file changes before restarting your process in watch mode. This debounce effect was also active when doing a manual restart when typing rs<enter>. The latter is removed.

Code gen

A small polishing touch to the type generator makes sure to print the docs of types if they exists.

In closing

Another small release with small fixes. As we just started another big project based on LBU you discover new things. It is clear to me that you'd need both maturing projects to see potential 'DX scaling' issues, but also new projects with a fresh mind to get as much polishing touch as you can.

Let's see if we hit v0.0.100 or v0.1.0 first!