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Default Compas template

This project is created using the default template via create-compas.

# Via NPM
npx create-compas@latest --template default

# Or with Yarn
yarn create compas --template default

Getting started

  • Start up the development Postgres and Minio instances
    • compas docker up
  • Apply the Postgres migrations
    • compas migrate
  • Regenerate router, validators, types, sql, etc.
    • compas generate / compas generate application
  • Run the tests
    • compas test --serial

Structure and features

This project is structured according to the default Compas template.

  • Uses @compas/eslint-plugin with compas lint for running ESLint and Prettier
  • Has code generation based on @compas/code-gen, with the definitions stored in gen/* and a custom command in commands/generate.js
  • Contains 'global' services via ES Module live bindings in services/core.js.
  • Entrypoint for both starting the api via compas run api / node ./scripts/api.js and a background queue via compas run queue / node ./scripts/queue.js.
  • Tests running on a temporary Postgres database, temporary S3 bucket and validating responses.