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React Fetch API client

This project is created using the react-fetch template via create-compas.

# Via NPM
npx create-compas@latest --template react-fetch

# Or with Yarn
yarn create compas --template react-fetch

Getting started

  • Generate the API client and React query wrappers
    • node ./scripts/generate.js
  • Run the dev server
    • npm run dev

Structure and features

This example contains the three main components for starting with generated api clients in your React application.

  • A script to generate the api client is located at scripts/generate.js. It fetches the latest remote structure and generates the typed api client files in src/generated.
  • In main.tsx we set the required QueryClientProvider with a global query client from react-query
  • In src/App.tsx there are a few things happening:
    • We set a custom fetch instance with a base url. All Compas clients rely on relative paths. We generate a helper around fetch to automatically add your API base url.
    • We use a generated react-query hook useDateConvertNumber. Under the covers it is a separately exported function that calls the api, wrapped in useQuery.