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Continuous Integration (CI)

Running various checks in CI can be handled by Compas as well.

compas init github
# Overwrites `.github/workflows/check.yml`

The supported templates checkout the repository, configure cache when applicable and then start Compas via compas ci. If the CI provider that you want to use is not listed, try to mimic the following Shell commands:

# Either install packages via the package manager that you use and invoke Compas
npm ci
npx compas ci

# OR let Compas infer the used package manager and install packages for you.

# Retrieve the used Compas version from the package.json (e.g 0.8.0 or latest).
COMPAS_VERSION=$(jq --raw-output '.devDependencies.compas // .dependencies.compas // "latest" | ltrimstr("v")' package.json)
npx compas@$COMPAS_VERSION ci


  • Package manager: Compas starts with the package installation command of the inferred package manager.
  • Docker: Required Docker containers are started, when specified in the configs.
  • Migrations: If migrations are enabled, they will be executed.
  • Format and linting: Supported linters like Prettier and ESLint are executed
  • Tests: If a test command is inferred or found in the config, it is executed.

Multiple repositories

The default CI templates provided by Compas only checkout the current repository. If things like tests require multiple checked out repositories to get a complete workspace, please edit the templates manually.