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Lint integration

Knowing when to run Prettier, ESLint or any other tool is not always straight-forward. In most cases, your IDE does that stuff for you, resulting in unnecessarily running the tools manually. Compas integrates with ESLint and Prettier to add a custom action when there are files available to be linted.

Getting started

Compas automatically enables this integration when it detects that ESLint and/or Prettier is installed.

Compas can add @compas/eslint-plugin as a development dependency when you run:

compas init lint

@compas/eslint-plugin includes ESLint, Prettier, various plugins for the aforementioned, so you don't have to install them all separately. It also contains some custom ESLint rules and default configs for both ESLint and Prettier.


When @compas/eslint-plugin is installed and no config file is present for ESLint and Prettier, Compas will automatically supply the necessary config files. You can override this behavior by manually creating the config files.


  • Compas assumes that the tools only ever run from the top most projects. Most lint tools support using varying configs in different directories to alter behavior in for example workspaces.